About Me

Welcome to my website and thank you for taking time to find out about me.

I chose to become a psychotherapist in 1989 because I wanted to help people realize they can make positive changes in their lives.  My communication style is low-key and direct. I offer a relaxed and welcoming therapeutic environment that emphasizes trust, patience, acceptance and at times, humor, for laughter is a therapeutic tool with a high rate of success.  I treat each client as an individual and I enter into the therapy process with a sense of hope and a belief that the capacity for change is inherent within each of us.  I believe that I able to help my clients discover and develop that inner ability.


My areas of expertise include but are not limited to:  couples, depression, anxiety, trauma resolution, PTSD, loss, parenting, and life transitions.  I find my work with couples particularly important and satisfying.  Finding success in relationships is often challenging due to lack of communication skills, fears of intimacy and commitment as well as poor role models.

Another particular area of expertise I have that is not often found is working with single mothers who have teenage sons.  I believe this last area to be one of life’s most challenging relationships.

For couples that are in the process of separating or divorcing, I provide mediation services, including developing parenting plans.

Problems I Do Not Treat

The following are areas that I do not have sufficient training or experience to be of help.

  • Borderline Personality Disorders
  • Primary Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Children under 14

Approach and Theoretical Orientation

I am an “eclectic” therapist with a profound respect for the individuality of each client. What that means is that I do not try to fit all clients into one theoretical model; rather, I formulate an approach that is attuned to the client’s needs. Some people respond best to talk therapy. Others are more responsive to exploring and understanding their emotions. Still others might be more interested in working with the unconscious mind through hypnosis.

My training encompasses many different theories and methods including, Cognitive Behavioral, Ericksonian Solution Focused, Clinical Hypnosis, Jungian, EMDR, and EFT. In my couple’s work I employ theories and skills developed by Dr. John Gottman, Susan Johnson, Harville Hendrix as well as the Attachment Theories developed by John Bowlby.

Professional Experience

  • B.A.  UCLA
  • Private Practice Psychotherapist 1991 to Present
  • Certified Clinical Hypnosis Training
  • Level II EMDR Training
  • Community Mental Health Provider
  • Indian Health Service Clinical Mental Counselor
  • Employee Assistance Counselor: Holy Cross Hospital, Town Taos, Moly Mine
  • Critical Incident Trauma Debriefing Counselor
  • Suicide Prevention Trainer and Counselor

Life Experience

I was born in Chicago, Illinois then my family relocated to the San Fernando Valley, north of LA in 1952.  After graduating from UCLA in 1969, I moved to Northern California. I taught school and worked as a freelance photographer. Then in 1976 my first wife and I sojourned across the United States, camping, fishing and backpacking.  In October of that year we discovered Taos, New Mexico and I have been here ever since.   I worked at a variety of jobs, such as managing a bee farm, serving as a fire lookout in the Blue Range Wilderness of Arizona and coordinating a residential treatment center for children and adolescents. I also worked as the Headmaster of a private school. I was trained as a psychotherapist in the late 1980s and have been in practice since 1991.

I have two wonderful sons both born and raised in Taos as well as three grandchildren.  I have been happily remarried since 2002.  Outside the therapy office my interests include: traveling, hiking, reading, writing, fishing and cycling.  Sometimes I just sit in my garden and do nothing.